Jakarta – Creating a Global Capability Framework (GCF) for the public relations (PR) profession and communications management is a global project that has been undertaken in several countries. The GCF is the first and most important Global Alliance project in partnership with the University of Huddersfield, UK which has completed its first phase (2016–2018). The research, which has been conducted since May 2019 by several countries, aims to identify and map the core capabilities that are most needed by PR practitioners in Indonesia in carrying out their profession. This study was conducted by researchers from the London School of Public Relations (IKB-LSPR) Institute of Communications and Business, Jakarta, Indonesia. After recapitulating and analyzing the results, here is a list of the 10 most important public relations capabilities of the PR and communications management profession

  1. To align communication strategies with organisational purposes and values.
  2. To identify and address communication problems proactively.
  3. To conduct formative and evaluative research to underpin communication strategies & tactics.
  4. To communicate effectively across a full range of platforms and technologies.
  5. To facilitate relationships and build trust with internal and external stakeholders and communities.
  6. To build and enhance organisational reputation.
  7. To provide contextual intelligence.
  8. To provide valued counsel and be a trusted advisor.
  9. To offer organisational leadership.
  10. To work within an ethical framework on behalf of the organisation, in line with professional and societal context.