Jakarta – On February 23, 2021, LSPR Communication and Business Institute held a talk show “Get to Know LSPR – Visual Communication Design Study Program” through the ZOOM platform from 15.00 to 16.00 WIB. This event aimed to invite prospective LSPR students to get to know more closely about their college, especially in the Visual Communication Design study program. The talk show was attended by Mrs. Olivia Hutagaol as the head of the study program and Mrs. Utarini Candrakirana as a successful alumni in the study program.

Ms. Mayke Angelica as moderator with Mrs. Olivia Hutagaol and Mrs. Utarini Candrakirana as speaker

The talk show discussed the Visual Communication Design study program, there are Film, Videography, and Photography, then Graphic Design. “In studying graphic design, the basic thing is knowing things related to visual and audio-visual. But broadly speaking, graphic design focuses on skills, so a graphic designer must be able to create designs both manually and digitally. That is why at LSPR, we equip students to be able to practice as much as possible so that from those who cannot become very capable,” said Mrs. Olivia Hutagaol.

Furthermore, the two speakers also explained what facilities LSPR provides to their students to support the learning process and the job prospects in the major are very broad in accordance with the development trend of digital technology. “LSPR adjusts to the trend of the graphic design industry which has a high demand. Not only digital agencies, but also almost all corporations need graphic design,” said Mrs. Olivia Hutagaol.

At the end of the event, the marketing team of LSPR explained how to register at LSPR and scholarships that can be obtained by prospective LSPR students. After that, the 5 doorprize winners who were lucky to get a free registration form were announced.


Article by: Devi