Jakarta – LSPR held a virtual conference on Zoom for the introduction of the majors in LSPR, especially Tourism major (25/02). With 2 of our experts from the Tourism industries, they are Ms. Jati Paras Ayu one of LSPR lecturer, and Ms. Falentina Cotton, M.Si as LSPR Alumni that is also an entrepreneur in the tourism industry.  In this special time Ms. Jati and Ms. Cotton tells us how LSPR has teach them a lot of things, the connection in LSPR are beyond wide, not only the subject is suitable for the industries we will work on but also the non-academic a.k.a the experience. Although Ms. Cotton is not in major Tourism when she is still in LSPR, she took the PR major but right now she is one of the people who has been working in the industries.

In this webinar, our speakers explained any prospects we can get in the work industries for the future. In LSPR the tourism majors are focusing on the management and how to run the business, because we’re a communication and business institute. There are tourism and MICE workfield if Future Londoners consider to take this major. In this webinar, the speakers and the moderator tells a lot about their experience in LSPR and how LSPR has taught them a lot.


Article by: Audrey