Jakarta – Wednesday, February 24, 2021, LSPR Communication and Business Institute held “Get to Know LSPR” for Management Program Study which held from 15.00 to 16.30 WIB and broadcasted live on the Zoom Meeting platform.  This event was held to bring more information about LSPR especially for Management Study Program. (Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Digital Business Management).

Ms. Raras Notoprodjo as Moderator

The event was hosted by Ms. Raras Notoprodjo and attended by Ms. Cyntia Keliat (Lecturer of LSPR Communication and Business Institute) and Mr. Calvin Gunawan (Alumni from LSPR Communication and Business Institute and Young Entrepreneur) as speakers.

Ms. Cyntia Keliat explained about the LSPR Management Study Program there are two concentrations that Future Londoners can choose, namely Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Digital Business Management. She said that currently one of the goals of the Indonesia Government for young people in Indonesia is to build Unicorn Start Up businesses which one of the goals of LSPR for the younger generations who are currently studying in the Management Study Program.

Mr. Calvin said that the things he liked when studying at LSPR were the lecturers who were practitioners and were proficient in their fields. So, the learning process is very enjoyable, the materials will be useful later and also the communication between students and lecturers goes very well.

Mr. Calvin Gunawan and Ms. Cyntia Keliat as Speaker

The learning materials presented are in accordance with the current problems. So, it is not only the theory given by the lecturer but practice that can be directly used by students later in the future.

Then the event continued with doorprize session and Ms. Raras also explained that the LSPR has a scholarship program, namely PMDK where students can assign the report cards while in high school. Registration can be done through the registration.lspr.edu and for more information can be asked by Instagram @joinlspr.


Article by: Vanessa