Jakarta – On 22 February 2021 at 15.00 WIB, LSPR held a webinar “Get to Know LSPR” for Study Program: Communication. The webinar was held through the Zoom meeting platform with Ms Mary Lemona and Sania Leonardo as speakers. By carrying out special topics regarding the communication study program majors in LSPR such as Marketing Communication, International Relations Communication, Performing Arts Communication and Digital Creative Production. Ms Mary Lemona is an alumnus of LSPR majoring in Public Relations who is now a lecturer at LSPR. Furthermore, there is Ms Sania Leonardo, an alumnus of LSPR majoring in Mass Communication, who is now a content creator at TikTok who also concurrently does a thesis for her Master’s degree.

Ms Mary Lemona and Sania Leonardo as speakers

In this webinar Ms Mary explains what will be learned in each department and job prospects after graduation. And Ms Sania also explained her experience while studying at LSPR and the material from LSPR which was very useful in the world of work she had been in.

This webinar explains in full detail the registration flow for the test track and the report cards track and the steps for filling out the registration form. And later there will be 4 other “Get to Know LSPR” webinars in each study program at LSPR which is targeted for high school students who are looking for a campus to continue to the college.


Article by: Aninda