Jakarta – E-Workshop with Shafinaz Nachiar On May 18, 2020 marketing LSPR Jakarta held an E-Workshop with LSPR Alumni which was conducted Live for 60 minutes on Instagram @joinlspr. The theme this time was “Broadcasting: Becoming a Reporter” delivered directly by Ms. Shafinaz Nachiar LSPR Alumni majoring in Mass Communication Batch 17 who is now the News Presenter & Producer’s Assistant at RCTI. Shafinaz talked about her experiences in broadcasting since 2016.

She worked her way up as a presenter on Metro TV, then moved to \Jak TV as a reporter and now works at RCTI as a News Presenter and Associate Producer. In her Live session, she explained about the duties of a reporter and the differences from Reporters and News Presenter. Shafinaz also shared information about basic skills and responsibilities that a news presenter must have as well as tips for becoming a journalist. Her knowledge at this time also got from the lecturer when she was studying at LSPR from Gustav Aulia who was indeed a well-known News Anchor who brought the news on Seputar Indonesia in his time.

Also, her skills to practice confident and daring to appear were obtained from campus clubs (Student Activity Units) at LSPR such as Teatro and Mr. & Ms LSPR. For her, LSPR has a forum to be able to encourage themselves to speak in public. Shafinaz also explained about the ups and downs she got when she was doing her job. The discussion also took place during Live, the students who watched it were also enthusiastic to ask him. She said that having critical thinking was necessary, continued to learn and never be easily satisfied. She also invited the audience to familiarize learning by doing and must be mentally prepared to become a reporter who is available under any circumstances.