Jakarta – Friday 26 February 2021, LSPR Communication and Business Institute collaborates with Canva Indonesia by holding a webinar entitled “Designing A Presentation with Canva” on the Zoom meetings platform at 10:00 – 11:00. This webinar is guided by Matra Wardhana, PR for External Relations of LSPR as the moderator. This webinar is a continuation of the entire webinar series organized by LSPR x Canva. Two webinars previously entitled “How to Create Easy Instagram Posts That Sell” were held on November 13, 2020, and “How to Create Captivating Business Proposal” were held on 15 January 2021.

Matra Wardhana, PR for External Relations of LSPR as the moderator

The speakers on this webinar are Annisa Jasmine, Outreach Specialist Canva Indonesia and Vicky Ariandi, Graphic Designer Canva Indonesia. Annisa Jasmine opened this webinar by introducing Canva and its various features. One of the features is “Canva for SMB (Small Model Business)”. This feature makes it easier for business to design business kits containing product prototypes and Instagram feeds. This feature has also been adjusted to attract the attention of the Indonesian market.

Annisa explained about the features in Canva

The webinar was continued by Vicky Ariandi that explained how to make presentations with Canva. He explained on how to choose the color palette, add photos from Canva, also how to add animations in the presentation. Not only that, Vicky also provides various tips in making presentations, especially for business people.

Vicky demonstrating tutorial how to design presentation with Canva


Article by: Kelly