Jakarta – On 30 June, 2020, ASEAN PR Network held its second live webinar through Zoom. This live webinar is part of APRN’s webinar series called APRN #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series. This time the live webinar carried out the theme “Roadmap of Post Pandemic and The New Normal in ASEAN Region” hosted by President of ASEAN PR Network and also the Founder & CEO of LSPR Communication and Business Institute, Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR. Open to the public, this webinar invited Mr. Robert Conceicao – Founder/Director Majic Communications & Past President of Institute PR Singapore, Ms. Yin Xiaodong – Founder of 17PR.Com & President of Public Relations and Global Communication Club, China, Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman – Vice President of Institute PR Malaysia, and Mr. Nutthaboon (Chung) P. – Representative from Thailand PR Association.

During the webinar the speakers shared the preparation that has been planned and done in their countries for the new normal situation. They shared how the contribution of the public relations profession to the preparation in their countries is and the observation of the changes in people’s communication behaviour and also the media. Mrs. Prita mentioned in her final conclusion statement that, “With most crises, it’s clearly certain an end will come. We are always positive on this as hope is always in our midst”. Despite these trying times, the pandemic has allowed the public relations and communication industry to innovate. It’s a unique time for all of us. Public Relations ability to provide strategic guidance from a wide perspective, inside a company and across industries, is making the value of communicators very clear.

PR practitioners and communicators can help companies in seeking a stronger connection to their people and customers, and the scenario planning and stakeholder analysis skills are very much in demand. And just as important, the empathy and sensitivity of what public relations and communication industry brings has never been more needed in this time of recovery during this post pandemic.

APRN #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon series will show the significant role of public relations in dealing with the current situation we are all facing, by acting professionally, timely communicating with stakeholders, and giving advice to management to cope with various business and community situations. Previously APRN also has uploaded three videos on demand on its youtube channel which can be accessed through https://youtu.be/1Le-TaQI54E. It is also initiated to raise funds via Webithon to support victims of the pandemic within the Autism Community to support APRN’s commitment to Global Alliance Diversity & Inclusion Month this June 2020.