Jakarta – LSPR International Relations and Partnerships Office held their 7th Webinar Series with International University Partners on 15 May 2020. The webinar featured current exchange students from LSPR Ms. Irene Wibowo who chose to study at Zealand Academy of Technologies & Business, Denmark and Ms. Elena Sarbu from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. The topic for this session was “Foreign Students in Indonesia and Europe: Challenges While Studying Abroad during a Pandemic”. The session was moderated by Ms. Adinda Ayu S. Putri, a previous LSPR Erasmus+ Scholarship Recipient who attended Zealand Academy of Technologies & Business, Denmark in 2018. This LSPR Webinar Series with International University Partners aimed at providing students with knowledge and experiences that can be expected when joining a study abroad program.

The session included discussion about the experiences both students faced whilst studying abroad in the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic and how they came to their decision to stay in their host University rather than coming home. The session continued to discuss the differences in online learning between the two host universities and the challenges they faced to adapt to a new style of learning. With two different countries implementing different safety protocols and procedures the discussion turned to the differences seen by the students and the adaptation process of the new norms of day to day life abroad.

The session concluded with some final tips and advice from both speakers when studying abroad especially during a pandemic and they also included what they would miss about their host country such as the great food. After the presentation was finished, participants were given the chance to ask important questions related to the study abroad topic. A total of 71 participants joined the webinar.