Jakarta – LSPR International Relations and Partnerships Office held their 5th Webinar Series with International University Partners with Universiti Teknologi MARA on 12 May 2020. The 5th webinar featured Prof. Dr. Kiranjit Kaur, Professor from the Faculty of Communications & Media Studies from Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia who shared her expertise on “Ethical Challenges in Navigating Misinformation in a Pandemic”. The session was moderated by Mr. Taufan Teguh Akbari, Vice-Rector III at LSPR Communication & Business Institute. The LSPR Webinar Series with International University Partners aims to provide a range of high quality topics from experienced communication professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic which allows for international learning during the “Stay at Home” period.

Prof. Dr. Kiranjit Kaur started the session by discussing the coronavirus and what we know about it so far. Dr. Kiranjit then continued to discuss the number of cases and who is affected by the pandemic followed by current social media posts related to the topic. The speaker then dove deep into rumors and fake news related to the corona virus and the effects it has on the public followed by social media use statistics in Malaysia.

The session came to an end by sharing the importance of fact checking when reading online messages and legitimate sites to obtain factual information regarding worldwide news obtained through social media. After the presentation, participants were offered the chance to ask questions relevant to the topic discussed. A total of 92 participants joined the webinar.