Universitas Tarumanagara Visit LSPR Jakarta

Postgraduate Programme of LSPR Jakarta (PGP LSPR) greeted guests from Universitas Tarumanegara (Untar) represented by Drs.Riris Loisa, M.Si. and Ms. Shinta, M.Si as Lecturers on Friday, 16 May 2014, in Activity Room at PGP LSPR Campus. Untar plans to establish a Postgraduate Program in the fields of Communications and their purpose of visit to PGP LSPR Jakarta was to share and learn from PGP LSPR Jakarta which has been successfully running Communication Program with Corporate Communications, Marketing Communications, International Relations Communications & Mass Media Management concentrations.

The sharing session began with a presentation of PGP LSPR Jakarta by Dr. Felix Jebarus, Head of PGP LSPR Jakarta which was followed by a brainstorming session on the development of Postgraduate Program in field of Communications in Indonesia. It ended with a session of question and answers, which was also attended, by Dr.Rino F.Boer, Deputy Head of PGP LSPR Jakarta, Mr.Ravi Makhija and Ms.Bernida Goin. LSPR Jakarta hopes Untar to implements its plans of establishing a Postgraduate Program in the field of Communications. Together, we strive at the higher education level to serve the society and enhance the development of Communication field in Indonesia.