Jakarta – On February 16, 2021, the COMM24-11SP class of LSPR Communication and Business Institute presented a theater entitled Zora Gavesha. This theater tells the story of the journey of a beautiful and innocent girl named Zora Gavesha in Jakarta. This theater is the 16th appearance out of a total of 29 appearances in the series of events of the 26th LSPR Theater Festival. The theater was performed at the Amani Palladium Theater LSPR stage, Transpark Bekasi. Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, the theater was recorded and watched online on the LSPR Jakarta youtube which lasted 1 hour and was watched by 397 viewers.

Tells the story of Zora, a new student from outside Jakarta who wants to find her identity in Jakarta. On his new campus, Zora, who is good at socializing, makes friends with popular students in her class. Zora’s friends often persuade and even force Zora to do bad things, such as smoking, not doing assignments, skipping class, drinking alcohol and going to nightclubs. Over time Zora’s lifestyle changed. She is increasingly losing her identity and delving too much into a world that is getting darker and unconsciously makes her blind.

Zora and her friends in nightclub


Until one afternoon, Zora met Al. Al’s presence made Zora feel comfortable. Al becomes a friend where Zora tells her lament about how she regrets that in order to follow her friend’s lifestyle, she has to earn money by doing inappropriate work. But it turns out that Al is not as good as Zora thought. Al gives Zora a pill which he says can solve her problem. But the pills actually make Zora unconscious, and Al does something inappropriate to Zora and becomes pregnant. Al is not responsible, and leaves Zora. Zora’s suffering did not stop there, she was arrested and jailed for the use of narcotics. Zora regretted her actions. She should have gone to Jakarta to find her identity and study properly but her journey ended up in prison.

Zora ended up in prison


Article by: Diandra