Jakarta – On February 9th, 2021, COMM 24-1 TP LSPR Communication and Business Institute held a theatre performance entitled “Abyss” which tells the story of high school romance. This theater is the 12th appearance out of a total of 29 performances in the 26 th LSPR Theater Festival. This theater performance was staged at the Amani Palladium Theater, LSPR Bekasi. Due to the pandemic, the performance had to be recorded and then broadcast online for one hour via Youtube LSPR Jakarta and was watched by around 700 viewers.

Abyss theatre performace

This story is all about 2 high school students named Adrian and Dyra who go to the same school. They are totally 2 different persons with totally different personalities. Adrian is someone with loneliness, sadness and angerment inside his heart, and Dyra is someone who has the sun inside her heart, she is very sweet, kind, and lovely and also humble. The story began at the moment Dyra saw Adrian’s bruises on his face and Dyra asked Adrian if he wanted to be medicated by Dyra. And then, that’s how they started their story. They’ve been in the relationship for 2 years long. Until college they are still together, but Adrian started to act aggressive, mean, and sometimes a way too rude to Dyra. So, she ended the relationship with Adrian, and left him. Since Adrian knows Dyra, he thinks that his only hope is Dyra. Just her, not anyone nor anything.

Adrian’s obsession has grown even bigger. The rainy day when Dyra tells Adrian that she wants to end their relationship, Adrian meets a mysterious lady with an all black dress who sells an umbrella, and he intends to buy it. Adrian realized something different about the umbrella. And he uses that umbrella and apparently the umbrella is also a time machine. After hearing a fresh news that Dyra would be married in the nearest time. Adrian starts to act crazy even more, his obsession owns his soul, he didn’t want Dyra to be with someone else so he planned something even crazier. He planned to kill Andy, Dyra’s soon to be husband in the future so he could own Dyra forever.


Article by: Audrey