Jakarta – On February 20th as a part of performances of the 15th LSPR PAC Festival, PAC 22-1TP held an online film screening through LSPR Jakarta’s YouTube platform. “Tiga Senandika” is a movie that has 3 different stories inside it. The story inside the movie are based on a true story, from Magdalene’s articles.

Doing the collaboration with Magdalene, a “Save Place” for the stories and everything that “unseen”. PAC 22-1TP wants to spread the Body Positivity awareness. And the importance for being kind and not to harm other people with our words, especially for physical appearance.

“Caper”, “Siapa Aku?”, and “Layu” are 3 original movies, with original script by PAC 22-1TP. “Tiga Senandika” can still be watched on LSPR Jakarta’s YouTube channel.


Article by: Audrey