Rani Ayu Laela Sari

Producer at Trans TV Television for Ceriwis Talk Show

Rani was a member of LIC Batch 1; Mass Communications year 1999

Before joining Trans TV as the producer of Ceriwis, I had the opportunity to work and gain experience at SCTV in the Production Department. Some shows that I have worked on are Rahasia Dapur Kita, Star and Friends. Right now, as the producer of Ceriwis I make sure that the program goes smoothly, technically and creatively. I also supervise three production assistants and three creative people.

It helped me a great deal in my career. There was a TV and Video Production subject when I was at LIC, and since taking that subject I have always been interested in and opening up my eyes to the world of broadcasting. My lecturer at that time gave the class the opportunity to work on a production with TVRI and that was an honour.

Everything was magic since I started LIC, taking classes in Mass Communications. I had the chance to do a freelance job with SCTV for about six months and they saw my potential. Then they recruited me as an employee. I stayed at SCTV for four years.

And one time along the way of surveying a program, one of the Heads of Trans TV gave me the opportunity to work here as a Producer, so I took up that challenge.

I am able to meet a lot of people in the broadcasting industry, having high creativity, as well as technically skilled. High pressure, not just meeting different kinds of people and character types but also the technical side of it.
Never give up, believe in yourself and you will always meet and find people with an interesting character. No matter what other people say, just don’t give up.