Performing Arts Communication

Rafael Jolongbayan (Drama Room)

Performing Arts Communication is designed to get the students well-grounded and competent in understanding the Science paradigm of communication especially in Performing Arts and mastering all the basic and advanced skills needed to effectively perform in today’s multicultural society.

The programme aims to develop and equip the students’ Knowledge and Understanding in Directing, Creative Writing, Acting, Singing, the Basic of Scenes and Costume design and how to manage Plan and Production.

The students will be trained to master Skills in Problem Solving and Leadership, and to manage their Attitude in being emotionally stable, flexible and disciplined, showing respect for religion, values and ethics.

LSPR – Jakarta’s Performing Arts Communication offers international curricula from The United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. This is to ensure the students have the competitive edge upon graduation in the culturally diverse, skills demanding and very dynamic industry and life of the performing Arts.

Major Courses offered in the Performing Arts Discipline are:

  • Introduction to Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Sociology
  • Creative Writing
  • Fundamentals of Performance I : Dramatulogy
  • Critical Studies
  • Voice for Performance I : Singing
  • Basics of Scenes and Costume Design
  • Directing
  • Voice for Performance II : Vocal Instrument
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Fundamentals of Performance II : Acting
  • Plan and Production Management
  • Interpersonal Communication