Mass Communications

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The rapid development of the Indonesian mass media is evidenced by the growing numbers of TV stations, Radio broadcasters, newspapers and magazines, not to mention the ‘dot coms’.Along with the growth potential of regional-based media industries, skilful practitioners in mass media will be urgently needed in the future. Our course aims to produce qualified graduates ready to strive in the industry, in areas of both print and electronic concentration.LSPR-Jakarta Mass Communications provides courses from conception, writing, producing, presenting, editing and management of a television programme, and television as a complete institution.While a radio practicum will introduce the students to the daily operations of radio station programming (from concept to production), there is also scriptwriting, announcing, music programming, technical operations and station management.Journalism of printed media will be covered by courses in writing for journalism, media management and the journalism code of ethics.

Major Subjects in our Mass Communications Concentration:

  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Public Relations Strategies and Tactics
  • Photographic Communications
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Media Management
  • Print Media Production Workshop
  • Performance of Dramatic Literature
  • Writing and Reporting for Broadcasting
  • Television Broadcast Production
  • Post Production and Editing
  • Techniques of Professional Presenters
  • Seminar in Communications