International Relations

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The rapid development of globalization is causing the boundaries between countries to disappear. This has led to businesses and countries competing not only at national level but also internationally. This in turn creates many obstacles due to the meeting of various cultures, languages, economies and socio-cultural backgrounds. To manage these differences needs experts in the form of international communicators who are able to meet the challenges created.

Indonesia, a country emerging as contender to become a regional leader in ASEAN, needs qualified communicators to represent it at international forum.

The International Relations study path encourage students to understand scientific paradigm, communication in general and International Relations in particular, the principles of planning and operations of an International Business, diplomacy and conflict resolution, the scope of international relations issues: democracy, human rights, gender issues, climate change and other related issues, globalization and international law and also international policy of Indonesian affairs.

Graduates from this concentration will be prepared for positions in a multinational company, foreign affairs department, embassy, consulate and Attaché, global media company, international nonprofit organization, international business consultant and other related employment.

Courses offered in the major of International Relations concentration are:


  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International Business
  • Diplomacy & Conflict Resolution
  • Climate Change & Environment
  • International Policy of Indonesian Affairs
  • International Politics & Global Governance
  • Global Media and Society
  • Social Development of International Communication
  • International Law and Diplomacy
  • Globalization and popular culture
  • Democracy, Gender & Human Rights