Singapore – Malaysia

Singapore – Malaysia

A good-bye is never painful – unless you’re never going to say hello again, which, I believe, is not our case. Like a good glass of champagne, after you finish the whole glassful of internship and workshops in Singapore, it leads to good friends and wonderful times that await you.

These past two weeks have been an amazing blend of “practical experience”, “real life lectures”, and application of intercultural communications. Each and every one of us, you and I, Miss Kat, Aminah, Mr James and everyone involved within IWE has learned something and become better.

Our first day of work might not be quite as perfect and smooth as how we expected it to be. However, now that it has come to the end of our internship, I can proudly say that all of us have done a very good job in our respective companies. We have learned invaluable and intangible knowledge from our supervisor and colleagues; and I think it is honest to say that they also learn from us in return as part of a mutual communication.

As an international intern in Singapore, the city has showed me another part of it.  I used to come here for leisure and shopping trips but this time I got to experience the bustling, hectic and rush hours. The straight forward manner and professionalism in handling clients is a positive influence. Workshops by Mr James and Mr Robert truly expand our knowledge about “the real thing” in PR world. Miss Kat is such a mother figure to most of us. The one that you go to tell your stories and ask for helps. While Aminah and us, esp Marcel, have developed a good friendship.

Ihope that we can lift up another glass of champagne in another opportunity and have more good time with everyone.  Remember to walk out of the door with a heart full of hope and spirit to become a successful professional.

Cheers to IWE 2011!!

Airin Tirtayadi
STIKOM The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta
PR 13-2C