Pop Clip 1st Episode "A fresh start" from LSPR PAC on Vimeo. The London School of Public Relations and Performing Arts PAC 15 – 1B in collaboration with LSPR TV project for 2013 Voice Performance

Campus Corner


In about 1 hour, Campus Corner talks about a certain theme which is considered to be the trend topic in the society. We invite an informant relating to the topic that is discussed.

Youth Preneurship


A program that was made in hope to inspire and motivate those who watch it. It tells stories from successful young entrepreneurship with their own business.

LSPR TV won the best script entitled “Sudut Pandang” in short movie competition held by @america and awarded with grant money total of $1,500 to produce the filmread more


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PSA / Promo


A Public Service Announcement that gives the information and announcement to the students about a new policy at the campus or a certain phenomenon that is happening. Also promo for an event.



It shows short films with about 15 minutes duration that tells a human interest stories