Diplomatic communication is about being honest, but not brutally honest. It means communicating in a way that makes a person feel the interaction was respectful and positive.

Both argumentation and mannerism are essential when delivering speeches at a diplomatic setting. Learn more about it by joining our webinar!

LSPR YDC & LSPR PSC proudly presents “The Art of Diplomatic Communication: Argumentation and Mannerism” webinar live. This webinar will be available on:

Date: Friday, 3 July 2020
Time: 4.00-5.30 PM
Platform: Zoom (live)

Please register yourself first before joining the webinar here:

The meeting link will be sent to your emails.

You will also get 1000 NAP for attending our webinar!
Here’s how:
1. Join our Zoom meeting and take a screenshot
2. Post the screenshot in your instagram story, follow and mention @LSPR_YDC and @LSPR_PSC and use hashtags #LSPRKabarBaikHariIni
3. If your instagram is on private, screenshot your story and send it to our contact person below.
4. An e-certificate will be sent to you!

Make sure you don’t miss this chance of learning and improving your diplomatic communication skill!

For more information, please contact Safa Syarifah (LINE ID: safasyarifah).

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Ig: @lspr_ydc & @lspr_psc

Cc : Vice Rector III, Head of Student Activities, Cabinet LSPR SL