Jakarta – On Friday, April 17th 2020, there were 3 LSPR Clubs that held a webinar. LSPR Choir held a webinar titled “Choir Distant-Sing” which contained online choir activities. The online choir activity invited Sonia Nadya Simanjuntak as a conductor. The event starts at 3 pm on the Zoom platform.

Then LSPR Cheerleaders also made a video uploaded on IG TV LSPR Cheerleaders. They do exercise that can be done from home, hosted by the LSPR Cheerleaders team, Wilderbeast. This is done so that LSPR students remain productive at home.

Bhamahira LSPR created a webinar titled “Forest Mountain Equipment Standard”. This webinar was uploaded to IG TV Bhamahira LSPR. In addition to the webinar, Bhamahira LSPR also held a competition entitled “Yuk Packing!”. Participants compete to show how they are packing before going up the mountain in the most fun way possible.

On Saturday, April 18th, LSPR Hockey held a webinar titled “Sharing the Answer of LSPR Hockey Quiz”. On April 11th, LSPR Hockey made a quiz which was uploaded through IG Story LSPR Hockey. They shared the answers with Mr. Armunanto as LSPR Hockey coach.

Then LSPRTV also held their first online class entitled “Create a Simple Content When Work from Home” on Monday, April 20th. This online class takes place live on LSPRTV’s Youtube account with Fadhel Reksa, LSPRTV Trainees 2018-2019, as speakers.

LSPR Public Speaking held a webinar titled “Speech Competitions 101”. This webinar invited two speakers, Dylan Huber and Rinaka Gustavo. The LSPR Public Speaking online seminar was held on Tuesday, April 21st on the Zoom platform. Also, LSPR Public Speaking made LSPR proud by winning the Online Speech Competition held by Jakartatalkers 2020. Eugene David Rooseno from batch 22 won first place and Agnes Angela from batch 22 won second place.

Then on Wednesday, April 22nd, LSPR News held a webinar entitled “The Introduction to Codes of Journalism”. LSPR News invited Dr. Joe Harrianto Setiawan, LSPR lecturer, as a speaker. This webinar takes place live on the Zoom platform.

On April 23rd, LSPR Radio invited Dr. Sri Ulya and Andre J. Sagala in their radio broadcast “Experience as Radio Broadcaster and Lecturer at LSPR”. This broadcast can be heard via the London School Radio Website and Tune In.

Article by Dianka

Photo by Putri Syifa

YouTube – LSPR Jakarta