LSA is set to be a leading provider of customized vocational communication courses in
order to achieve the “right” activity / profession quickly.


LSA is committed to provide customized vocational communication courses demanded by
the Corporate/Professional through classroom, online and onsite delivery thus providing
the “right” experience in achieving the “right” activity / profession quickly.

  • LSA offers customized vocational courses which are work-related and focused in the field of communication.

  • These practical and skill-based courses are designed on need basis to allow the Corporate/Professional to learn quickly and in a way that suits them, to communicate clearly and effectively.

  • There is a complete range of courses to choose from, in a wide range of subjects focusing
    on communication.

  • LSA customized vocational communication courses are designed to meet the skill sets
    required by Industry and are periodically updated to meet the challenges of the dynamic business environment.

The programs

• Learn the secret techniques and the Do’s and Don’ts in Public Speaking.

• Know how to overcome your fear by turning it to energy and confidently deliver an

• effective speech.

• Analyze and utilize body language to your advantage.

• Develop a structure to use before you speak.

• Discover how to engage with your audience and learn how to make a great impact.

• Master powerful guidelines in preparing and presenting visual aids in creative ways.

• Learn the fundamentals of PR Strategy and can you apply them to your work.

• Learn specific uses of techniques to arrive at strategic options that are applicable to your organization.

• Understand the PR planning cycle and maximize them as your advantage.

• How to effectively implement and manage the PR activities

• Capitalize on the power of press releases and harvest its benefits.

• Develop a better understanding of stress levels experienced in a real disaster

• Define and learn their roles and responsibilities

• Practical tips to track incidents and manage actions

• Maintain command and control during the crisis

• Manage crisis communications – internal and external, in manuals and in online.

• Learn the basic concepts of customer service to provide excellent customer service

• Understand the importance of customer loyalty and the effective of customer service process.

• Reveal the importance of effective communication in the delivery of customer service,

• Maximize effective delivery methods for your customer service team, understanding the importance of systems and procedures for delivering service excellence, the laws and codes of practice and the personality factors and skills that are relevant to customer service.

• Understand how to use digital media to create and convey a message; develop knowledge of several digital and social media tools and applications.

• Familiarize contemporary contexts for social media use/consumption, production, and distribution.

• Be updated on the developments of digital and social media and be able to think new ways on how to share information and culture organized within social media.

• International Business Etiquette and Table Manners                 • English for PR

• English for Marketing                                                                   • English Communication

• Creativity in Public Relations                                                       • Strategic PR and Management

• Planning and Managing PR Campaigns                                       • Integrated Marketing Communication

• TV Presenting                                                                               • Communicating Through Photography

• Personal Growth and Dress for Success                                       • Desktop Publishing

• Media Handling                                                                             • Master of Ceremony (MC)

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