Yuliana R. Prasetyawati, MM


Yuliana Riana P, MM


Head of Centre of Study on ASEAN PR

Head of Community Service Centre

Internal Research  Coordinator

Research interest :

Marketing, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and New Media


Yuliana Riana graduated from  Magister  Management (MM) at Gajah Mada University. She is a lecturer, researcher,  Head of Centre of Study on ASEAN PR, and Head of Community Service Centre  at The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. She teaches several subjects, for instance the Methodology of Qualitative, the Methodology of Quantitative Research, Introduction of Statistic at LSPR- Jakarta. Also, thesis advisor for the students from Public Relations,  and Marketing. She passionately and actively in  research practical and academic field . She is an expert in statistic software packages, particulary in SPSS and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM).   She also trainer in    Training Marketing Communication of Research, SEM and  Quantitative Research.  Started her research experience in 2002 where she acted as Research Assistant of Dr. Eric C Thompson, Department of  Sociology at National University of Singapore (NUS) on the survey of internet user among academic and researchers in Indonesia, and now she continues doing research, especially in Marketing, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and New Media.

Researcher’s Projects

2014, Intercultural Communication Competence of Employees (case studies : Jobsite Tembagapura, PT Freeport)
2014 – now, Influence on The Image of Corporate Identity and Its Impact on The Reputation of The Company (with Veronika Trimardhani, M.Si)

2014 – now, Servant Leadership Implementation in Lenteng Agung Region, South Jakarta. (with Veronika T, M.Si and Gracia Rachmi Adiarsi, MM)

2014 – now, LSPR-Jakarta Reputation (as team leader)

2013 – now,  Model of Social Persuasive Technology in Social Media (with Dr. Rino F Boer)

Community Services Project:

2015, as coordinator Coffee Break with ASEAN  Focus Group: ASEAN Film Screening, at Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies, LSPR-Jakarta.

  1. as Speaker Audit Communication and Public Opinion Research at The Ministry of Finance.
  2. Training Research Methodology and Data Processing Statistics For Research Communication Studies with SEM Methods with Unika Atmajaya, Yogyakarta.
  3. Training Intercultural Communication Competence to employees PT Freeport, Tembagapura.




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