Tri Nugraha Sakti, M.Si


Tri Nugraha Sakti, was born in Jakarta on August 10 th – 1964

• Alumnus of Social and Political Science degree from the State University of Bengkulu at


• Alumnus of the Guna Darma University Master of Management Information – Jakarta ,


• Graduated from the Post Graduate Programme Graduate School of Communication – The

London School of Public Relations Jakarta . 2004

• The current phase completed Dissertation Political Communication in the Graduate School

of Communication Studies Doctoral Program Sahid University – Jakarta .

Worked as Promina Database entry & Programmer for Promina Hotline Service from 1993-

1996. Then joined PT. Putra Satria as IT staff for SCO UNIX Integration Server and its

network from 1997-1999. Subsequently worked as IT Assistant Field Manager at PT. Asaba

Computer Center, Jakarta, for SCO UNIX Server Integration integrated VSAT (including

networks ATM machines & Printer), as well as the maintenance system for OnLine

Integrated Banking System (OLSIB) on the entire network Office PT. Bank BRI in the ranks

of the East Java Regional Office, from 1999-2002.

• Also since 2004 worked as a lecturer at STIKOM – LSPR – Jakarta , until today