Rani Chandra Oktaviani M.Si


Rani Chandra Oktaviani, M.Si

Lecturer and Assistant Deputy Director II


Research interest :

Journaism studies, Public Relations Studies and Political Communication

Biography :

Rani Chandra Oktaviani graduated from Magister of Science (M.Si) at University of Indonesia, majoring Communication Studies. She is a Researcher and full time Lecturer at The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. She teaches several subjects, for instance Methodology of Qualitative, the Methodology of Quantitative Research at LSPR-Jakarta.


Researcher’s Project :

  1. Comparative Analysis of Political Discourse in the Media Print, Text Studies in Kompas, Koran Tempo and Republika
  2. Characteristic of Political Marketing PDI as Opposition Party
  3. Dichotomy of CSR Implementation on Mining & Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia
    2011. Performance Political Communication Ethics SBY In Period Two Appointed President of Indonesia
  4. Indonesian Political Behavior an Overview
  5. Image Attributes of Political Woman Candidate President in Indonesia.


Community Services Project :

  1. As a Speaker and in the Jury Selection Event Master of Ceremonies (MC) Electronic Channel Operations (ECO).  Mandiri Bank Group
  2. Training Communication & Public Relations Techniques In Nonprofit SOS Children Village, Lembang, Bandung. Commission for Child Care
  3. Campaign “Days without a TV“ for children in cooperation with the child care commission. LSPR
    2009. Socialization of Political  Education to young voters in the district of Bekasi.

Publications :

Oktaviani. C. R., 2008, Content Analysis for song lyrics criticizing the Iraq invasion Policy by American Government in President Bush Leadership, LSPR Jurnal Vol.3 No.1.

Oktaviani. C. R., 2011, Dichotomy of CSR Implementation on Mining & Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia,  Exposure: Journal of Advance Communication. Vol. 1 No 1.