Gracia Rachmi Adiarsi, MM




Research Interest

Popular Culture, Marketing Communication, Communication Technology, Human Relations.



Gracia Rachmi Adiarsi has worked as a lecturer at STIKOM- the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta since 2006, teaching subject Organizational Communication and Customer Service Professional.  She also serves as Thesis Advisor for Marketing Communication and Public Relations students. Since February 2014, she joins with “Communicare” LSPR Academic Journal of Communication studies as editor. Her experience spans customer service, marketing and negotiation.

Gracia has also worked as part time trainer with several organizations delivering training in communication and management skills.

She holds Bachelor of Science in Communication from the University of Indonesia in 1988 and graduated Master of Marketing Management in 2006. Now, she is preparing a dissertation for doctoral degree in communication.

Gracia always feel enthusiastic to participate in conferences to present her paper collaborate with her students.


Community Services

  1. Training Intercultural Communication Competence to employees PT Freeport, Tembagapura.


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