Annisa Hara S.Ds, M.Md


Annisa Mahdia Pratiwi Hara S.Ds, M.Md

S1 – Desain Komunikasi Visual Advertising, Institut Teknologi Bandung, S2 – Media Design, Keio University

Lecturer Staff and Head of Multimedia Centre STIKOM LSPR

Fukushitomonokai, Perhimpunan Indonesia – Jepang
Yayasan Pengembangan Anak Istimewa – Indriya

Expertise Area
Media Design

Research Interest
Media, Design, Social Media, Autism and Special Needs Children

Biography :
Annisa Hara graduated from Master Degree at Keio University, Japan, majoring in Media Design (specification in Power of Motion Picture and Remote Education).  She is also running her role as a Head of Multimedia Centre and becoming a member of ASEAN Autism Studies. She teaches several subjects, for instance Digital Design, Communication Art Showcase, Advertising and Multimedia Online, and Desktop Publishing at The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta, also Video Editing and Character Building for London School Beyond Academy.
Community Services Project :
2011 – 2012 Nippon Foundation – ROAD Project
2012 – now. As an activity mentor for Special need children at YPAI Indriya

Publications :
Annisa Mahdia, 2012, Growing documentary: Creating a collaborative computer-supported story telling environment. (With PMP KMD team)
Annisa Mahdia, 2012, Growing Documentary: A Scalable Collaborative Storytelling Platform. With PMP KMD team. (With PMP KMD team)