Johannes Chang

Travel Assistant – Corporate Travel Manager
United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF Indonesia

‘I took both Non-Degree Courses at Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi – The London School of Public Relations, being awarded my Group Diploma in Public Relations in 2002 and completing the Post-Graduate Programme in Public Relations in 2003.

‘I was fortunate enough to be hired by the United Nations Children Fund – UNICEF as a Travel Assistant and Consultant. My principal duties are to control travel costs within the organization, so that funds might be used more effectively for UNICEF projects such as Exploitation and Traffic in Child Prevention and Awareness of Child Abuse.

‘The knowledge that I gained from LSPR courses has helped me communicate effectively with many different kinds of audience, to educate, inform and motivate them to act in a more positive way.

‘When I attended the Non-Degree Programme at GDPR, I was working at United Airlines as an Account Executive, and before that I was working at Thomas Cook, a prestigious and well-known international travel agency, as an Account Manager for Corporate; before that, I was employed at American Express for three years.

‘I have worked at UNICEF for almost 2 years, as of January 2005.

‘I just love my current job. It is more like a hobby! I love the challenge of playing an important role in an organization working with other international organizations such as UNDP, with NGOs, and maintaining direct contact with UNICEF Headquarter in New York.

‘I have been invited on a yearly basis to attend seminars in the Asian travel industry, learning about their travel and tourism business and at the same time analyzing aspects of their approach to tourism.

‘This learning experience would be useful input for me to develop a strategy for international tourists, and how to attract them to visit Indonesia. I plan to visit Bangkok and Vietnam in the near future.

‘The downside of the job is the amount of bureaucracy I have to deal with, but I guess that is the case everywhere in the working and business world of today.’

(Finally, Chronicles asked Johanes for tips that might be helpful to those who plan to work in the corporate travel industry.)
‘I studied Hospitality and Tourism in a vocational high school, and following that I received a lot of training in the travel industry. It’s “learning by doing from experience”, and there’s also the factor of luck – along with a lot of hard work!’