Jakarta, January 13, 2021 – LSPR Communication & Business Institute is again holding a series of majoring activities for Batch 24 students from the Communication Studies Program and for Batch 1 students of the Visual Communication Design Study Program. The two study programs are under the auspices of the Communication Faculty IKB LSPR.

The series of majoring activities this year were carried out differently from previous years because they were still in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Therefore, the entire series of majoring activities this year will be carried out online. The series of majoring stages that will be carried out this year include online majoring seminars, aptitude tests, online preliminary majoring, payment and validation, and the implementation of online majoring itself.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, the first online majoring stage was held, namely the Online Majoring Seminar. This activity was opened by the Communication Science Study Program from the Faculty of Communication. This event is intended for Batch 24 students who will choose 6 available majors, namely Public Relations & Digital Communication, Marketing Communication, International Relations Communication, Mass Media Communication, Performing Arts Communication, and Digital Creative Production. This event was attended by Role Models who are alumni of the IKB LSPR across batches and departments. As for the alumni who were invited to share information and personal experiences during college, until now they have worked is Sandi Hendra Budiman who is the PR of PT. Panen Lestari Indonesia (SOGO, SEIBU, Galeries Lafayette & Alun-Alun Indonesia Kaya), Demas Ryan who is the Head of Merchant Learning & Development and Lazada University Manager at Lazada Indonesia, Sabrina Bawazier who is a Junior Diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Shafinaz Nachiar who is a News Presenter & Assistant Producer at RCTI, Ervin Julio who is a Creative at Hollywings Group Indonesia, and Karina Syahna who is a Leader & Director of I’Generation.

Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Si gave a speech

Dr. J.A. Wempi, M.Si gave a speech

Furthermore, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, it is the turn of the Visual Communication Design Study Program (DKV) to carry out the Online Majoring Seminar. This activity is intended for Batch 1 students who will choose 2 majors, namely Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Film, Videography & Photography (VFP). This event was also attended by Role Models who are also alumni of the IKB LSPR across batches and departments. The alumni invited by the DKV Study Program include Grace Tania who is an Account Manager at PT. NET Mediatama Televisi, and Hendi Irnandi who is the Script Supervisor & Assistant Director from Joko Anwar. These two Online Majoring Seminars aim to prepare students at the Faculty of Communication to get information about the majors and jobs that will be obtained after graduating from IKB LSPR later. In this event, he also gave a speech, Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Si as the Chancellor of the IKB LSPR and also Dr. J.A. Wempi, M.Si as Dean of the Faculty of Communication. In his speech, Dr. Andre Ikhsano said that “The definition of a career, a profession or a good job is what we like, brings many benefits to others, and brings economic value to us. For that, my message for students in choosing a major is to choose a major that you like and don’t go along with friends, choose a major that will take us to a profession that is beneficial to many people, and choose a major that can lead us to the profession. which provides economic value for us ”. Meanwhile, Dr. J.A. Wempi gave a message to students that “What you need to pay attention to in choosing a major is knowledge of the field you are going to work on related to that department, then look at the talents we have, as well as the passion where we want to fight and work hard in that department or field.”

Grace Tania as a speaker

Hendi Irnandi as a speaker

With this Online Majoring Seminar, it is hoped that students, especially those from the Faculty of Communication, can get information about the majors and fields of work or what kind of profession is available, then be able to find out the correlation between the department and the work they are going to do later through sharing experiences that have been given directly by successful alumni of IKB LSPR in their respective fields and departments. Not only that, in this activity students were also given socialization about what series or stages they had to follow before actually choosing the major they wanted. The hope is that students’ awareness of the importance of majoring can be formed so that they can go through each stage or series of processes properly and optimally, so that they are more determined in choosing a major in the Communication Faculty of IKB LSPR. The two study programs, both Communication Science and Visual Communication Design (DKV), jointly hold an Online Majoring Seminar through the Zoom platform and broadcast live via YouTube LSPR Jakarta. In this event, students were also given the opportunity to provide questions that could be addressed to the Role Models, so that the event ran enthusiastically and with great fanfare. Not to forget, at the end of the event students also received information from the Department of Finance regarding tuition payments and e-pin collection that can be done at each campus, both LSPR Sudirman Park and LSPR Transpark.