Jakarta – On Thursday and Friday, January 14-15, 2021. The Faculty of Business and all study programs in it: Management Study Program, Tourism Study Program, and Business Study Program Hold a “Majoring Online Seminar” activity. The Majoring Online Seminar is an online seminar where the LSPR Business Faculty provides information and other things that are important in the selection of majors that will be carried out by Business Faculty students in the 3rd semester. Also, in this seminar, the LSPR Business Faculty brings and invites LSPR alumni who have successful careers in fields that are following each study program in the business faculty. The Majoring Online Seminar of the Business Faculty on the first day of Thursday, January 14, 2021, is devoted to Management Study Program students, while on the second day Friday, January 15, 2021, it is designated for Tourism Study Program students. Also, in each session, the opportunity to listen to the Inspirational Speech from the CEO and Founder of LSPR, Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, was made specifically for each study program in the business faculty.

The core material in the Majoring Online Seminar is sharing sessions with Alumni and exposure of majors by the PIC of each study program. On the first day, the management study program invited Kesuma Kurniadi, an LSPR alumnus who is also the founder of Ciel Shoes. In this session, Kak Kesuma shared his experience in establishing his own business and how to form a good management team. After the session, it was continued with an explanation of the majors in the Management study program, which was conveyed by Miss Cyntia Keliat. On the second day of the Majoring Online Seminar, the Business Faculty, there are two (2) sessions, namely the first session for the Tourism Study Program and the second session for the Service Business Study Program. In the first session, the Tourism Study Program invited Indra Surya, an LSPR alumnus who had a successful career in the hotel world, with the last position being Assistant Director of Sales at Mercure Jakarta Cikini – Accor. Kak Indra Surya shared his experiences and details of a career in the world of hospitality, after that, it was followed by an explanation of the Department of Tourism by Miss Jati Paras Ayu. For the second session, the Service Business Study Program invited Nadia Azura Lova, an LSPR alumnus, and owner of The Plan O. In this session, Ms. Azura shared her experience in establishing an event organizer and a career in the event organizer world, then continued with the presentation of the service business study program by Maulibian Perdana Putra.