Jakarta – The importance of appearance and attitude in the world of work including public relations, made us HMJ PR Esa Unggul University to choose “Create Your Personal Brand to Achieve the Best Career Opportunity” as the theme of the PR Days event held on January 11, 2021. Mrs. Elke ALexandrina as a lecturer at LSPR and as head Careers & Employability Center as a guest lecturer at this activity.

In the world of public relations and also in the world of work, appearance is not about how a person’s appearance is related to beauty standards, nor is it about how expensive the clothes are. However, appearance in terms of how a person displays a neat and polite way of dressing following the rules that apply to the job he has. Because appearance is a form of nonverbal communication that can affect other people’s perceptions of us.

Appearance is not just about how to dress. However, appearance is also related to our attitude and way of behaving in speaking, acting, and treating others (Attitude). Because everyone wants to be successful in the world of work, and basically, success can be achieved by honing three things, namely skills (skills), knowledge (knowledge), and attitude (attitude). Skills and knowledge are components that you can develop by reading a lot, learning a lot, and practicing. However, attitude is the most important component in shaping a person’s character.

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