English Division

The LSPR Centre for Excellence in English

Business English For Communication Students
As a student of business, the course will develop the communication skills needed to succeed in business and will increase knowledge of the business world. Students who study this course will become more fluent and confident in using the language of business and will increase their career prospect.

The business English course offers a variety of interesting interactive activities aimed at:

  • Increasing business vocabulary
  • Building confidence in using English to improve fluency through interesting discussion activities
  • Developing reading and listening skills to enable students to discuss ideas and issues
  • Develop essential business communication skills
  • Practicing realistic business situations with case study

General English For Communication Students
The General English course aims to motivate learners by incorporating up-to-date topics of international interest. Learners are encouraged to learn more about the world and other cultures through the medium of English. They are encouraged to take an active, systematic approach to developing their knowledge of grammar and the opportunity to use the new language is provided in a natural, communicative way.

Students who take course with the Centre for Excellence in English will be able to join monthly workshops. The workshops are informative but also fun with students working together on a variety of projects using English as the communication medium. Workshops are available to students at no additional cost.

English Club
The English Club will be held once a month to encourage students to compete in individual and team activities aimed at improving English skills in a fun learning experience.
Students will also have the opportunity to join outings for an English experience. There is no additional charge for English Clubs, but students joining will incur additional cost to cover the expense.