Ucita Pohan

Professional Name  :  Ucita Pohan Gender  :  Female Date of Birth  :  20 June 1986 Latest Education  :  Bachelor Field of Expertise  :  Creative Entrepreneurs, Media, Performing Arts Communications, Current Position  :  Radio Broadcaster, MC, Columnist, Fashion & Beauty Company  :  Cosmopolitan FM   About me Soon after I graduated from LSPR, I had a few events to welcome me to “the real world”. To me it was fascinating! I recall that I couldn’t wait to quickly jump-start my career by getting involved in things I’m curious about since I was a little kid; to build a fashionable girly magazine and become a Radio Announcer. I started my career working as a Fashion Editor in Oops! Magazine. That was my first real job as a full-time staff. Later that same year I took the opportunity from my favorite radio station. I became the Announcer of Hard Rock FM Jakarta. It was the phase in my life where I realized what my real passion was. For the five years I was working as a Radio Announcer, I was exposed to new experiences almost every day. I considered myself to be very lucky because being a Radio Announcer means you get to […]
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Taufan Teguh Akbari

Taufan T.Akbari is an Educator,Youth Life Coach & Public Speaker.Currently, Taufan working as a full time lecturer, Thesis Advisor – Counselor and a manager of Research Centre for The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta.His general research subjects include communication organizations, interpersonal communication studies, media, youth leadership,personal development, empowerment &social movement.Taufan has a excellent interpersonal skills, communicate well with any people background, & take pleasure in working both teamwork &independently. Besides his full time as a Lecturer and Advisor,Taufan dedicating his time by actively involved in several youth organization to learn, share and spread the social personal network. He is also acts as Youth Coach (Youth Life Coach), activist for REMAJA (Relawan Muda Jakarta), PERHUMAS MUDA as a Caretaker & is also one of the Mentors for Young on Top Community (YOT Mentor). Taufan has joined various activities internally & externally such as experience in making video company profiles, PSA & short documentaries. He is knowledgeable in performing as a Public Speaker, producer, presenter & also a reporter on TV and as a Radio Announcer, Master of Ceremony (MC) & moderator at variety of events. His interest and passion is to empower Indonesian Youth which encouraged him to teach […]
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