Renata Tirta Kurniawan

About me

I am proud to announce that I am originally LSPR graduates and I Love LSPR!

Her day in LSPR-Jakarta was started in September 2002 as under graduate students. She spent her first year in Bimantara Building or Campus C at that time. Like the other freshmen student, She’s trying to find some new friends at that new place. Since she love to do so many things related to arts, she decided to join in some LSPR Club, such as LSPR Choir, LSPR Teatro, LSPR Public Speaking, and LSPR Radio.

February 1st, 2006 was her first day as employee at LSPR-Jakarta. She responsible for events and students activities related to performing arts. Her very first official event as the Project Officer at LSPR-Jakarta is LSPR-Jakarta 14thAnniversary and Mr. and Ms. LSPR 2006. Since that time, LSPR Anniversary and Mr. and Ms. LSPR become her annual event. Beside that she also in charge for LSPR Club and its activities, including form the students body named LSPR Student League. Most of the times, she organized LSPR-Jakarta corporate events, become the Master of Ceremony for so many events or represent LSPR-Jakarta in external programs and events.

After finished her under graduate program in the year 2006, she started her career as assistant lecturer in the year 2007. After one year, she’s officially become a lecturer followed by her new title after finished Post Graduate Program in LSPR-Jakarta. Some subjects that become her specialties are Introduction to Performing Arts Communication, Public Speaking and Presentation Skill, Technique of Protocol and MC, Business and Professional Speaking, Techniques of Professional Presenter, and Introduction to Communication Science.

On May 2010, she got first promotion in LSPR as the Project Manager with almost the same responsibilities. Two years after that, she got the second promotion as Associate Dean of Performing Arts Communication in February 2012. And currently, she is the Dean Department of Performing Arts Communication since September 2013. As the Dean Department of Performing Arts Communication, she has another responsible for three batches of PAC classes including all of the academic matters related to this department.

Her career path in LSPR-Jakarta makes her more proud as LSPR Alumni. She can achieve one of the top management positions with the knowledge and skills that she got fro”m LSPR-Jakarta. Renata also being trusted as the President of London School Alumni Association and General Manager of IDEAL (Indonesia Drama Educators Association).

Renata says “I feel honored as one of LSPR Alumni who can dedicate my capability to my almamater. Thank you LSPR-Jakarta for make my dreams come true, which is become a professional communicator and educator like today.”