Paula Verhoeven

About me
This fierce, beautiful and exotic woman is 183cm in height. She has been on the cover of numerous famous fashion & lifestyle magazines and has catwalked in various fashion shows across Indonesia. This stunning woman was born in Semarang, born from a Dutch-Tionghoa father and a Javanese mother. Raised in Semarang, Paula is able to speak fluent Javanese language.

From 2005-2009, Paula studied in The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta majoring in Public Relations. After graduating, she pursued her carrier as one of Indonesia’s top models. As a model, Paula understands that staying fit and in shape is very important in the industry, which is why her hobby includes exercising at the gym. Prior to the Elite Modeling Competition, Paula admitted that she felt very insecure and unconfident as she was not in shape, but unexpectedly won first place and debuted to represent Indonesia in Elite Model International Contest. She also was a finalist of Gadis Sampul 2001 and won None Jakarta as the Runner-up.

Juara I Elite Model Look, 2003
Juara Harapan Abang None Jakarta, 2006