Metta Permadi


Metta Permadi, a humble and a hardworking young Indonesian soap-opera actress has never given up on being independent since junior high school. Whatever her goals, she will always do her best, go with the flow, and aim to love her job unconditionally.

Her rise in the entertainment industry was not until she had auditioned for a teen model magazine in 2003 where she was still in junior high school. She had passed selection and reached the top 40. After that, photo-shoots, commercials and offers to be on TV kept coming in. Her first soap-opera was just three scenes, but she was able to work with Indonesian actress Cynthia Bella. From that first job, she received more soap-opera appearances, more commercials and modelling job. Cinta Indah 2, Cinderella, FTV Kukejar Cinta Ke Toboali, and Antara Paris dan Ciamis were some of the few known shows she had appeared on television.

This positive and optimistic young lady graduated from The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta, in which she studied Advertising there (What batch?) Although she had to juggle acting and studying at the same time, it did not stop her from taking a leave of University. Instead, with the financial gains from acting, she was able to pay for her studies and for her daily expenses.

“Motivation needs to come from awareness. Being aware needs hard work. Being aware needs to strive to always learn something new”, replied Ms. Metta when interviewed in AURA magazine, She added, “If I was able to live independently, I could lessen my parent’s burden.” Her hard work and positive personality has enabled her to reach success and this can be a great inspiration for young women out there that it is important not to be dependent on other people.