Helmalia Putri


Helmalia Putri doesn’t appear in TV screen as an actress for quite long, she was elected as the ambassador of a small rural community (duta komunitas adat terpencil); an honorable obligation. After nominated as the ambassador of a small rural community on October 2009, Putri got so many opinions from people who accompanied her during her duty. Helmalia Putri was a communication student at London School of Public Relations. She feel blessed and happy with this opportunity.

Within brackets time over 10 years, involved in the entertainment industry, not less than 9 sinetron she joined. Even though she took a break from entertainment industry for a while, sometimes Hemalia Putri still love to take a job as presenter for off air. “holiday” strategy from Tv screen made her focus and concentrate to finish her study in college, then she came back again in entertainment industry.