Fiona Callaghan

About me
Fiona Callaghan is also known as The Adventuress. Her love for adventure had took her nearly everywhere especially in Indonesia to the remote beautiful places that usually has hard transportation access or no signal at all. Her passion has made her be a TV Travel Presenter for nearly 5 years. She also loves writing journals about her adventures at . Grateful to witness God’s beautiful creation and have good friends at each part of Indonesia, Fiona has learn a lot of things about life through travelling and adventure.

Besides that, Fiona is lucky to have the chance to interview International Stars such as Michael Owen, Tommy Page, Shah Rukh Khan, Jose Mourinho, Andy Cole, Sasa Illic, Rafel Van Der Vaart, Bert Van Marwijk and Frank De Boer. It was such a valuable experience interviewing them. This Putri Indonesia Jakarta 2009, has her special interests for values in life that she has combined it into PLAN + that stands for Peace, Love, Adventure, Nature and Positivity.

She has been doing modelling since the age of 16 and this actress (Film Hati ke Hati) has been a judge and mentor for Putra Putri Bahari Kepulauan Seribu since 2008 – present. Fiona is also proud to have been an Assistant Lecturer for LSPR during 2007-2009. “Always live PLAN+ !” that’s what she says. No matter how active she is, she likes to maintain her body healthily by going to the gym and has recently joined a Perguruan Seni Bela Diri (Pencak Silat Martial Art School).