Falentina Cotton


“Communication is a very important aspect in life.  When you communicate you make a circle, you socialize and it influences how successful you are now and then”. Falentina Cotton loves with what her doing right know, being a communicator.  She does her best working on the career she’s currently pursue and let Jesus do the rest. Her interest in communication fields put her in the world of master of ceremony, where she can finally explore and develop her talent.  Being an MC is challenging for her, because people trust you to lead their event.

Falentina Cotton also love to teach therefore she has been an assitant lecturer at LSPR since the 4th semester where she learns many things from great people and lectures.  For her, sharing is caring and educates to be educated.

Described as a very active person by her friends, Falentina won numerous awards namely First Runner-Up of Mr. & MS. LSPR 2013, Cici Jakarta of Koko & CIci Jakarta 2011, LSPR 4C Ambassador for Environment 2012 and many more.

When she was young she never imagined she could join beauty pageant and other social activities, “But here I am know, being the ambassador having responsibility and i do enjoy doing this. Hence, I believe that whatever I had in my life, whatever i gained is from Jesus. These things lead me into the thinking of how to help others, so I am now doing some social movements in education with some friends to share the opportunities I had that they dont posses.”, she said.

Public Relations is amazing, this kinda job makes Falentina Cotton works like there’s no tomorrow, she said “I really love my job, the way im doing it.  When you fail to communicate, then you fail to grab a success!”

Maintaining image isn’t just a thing a company should do, but each of us. Creating great image of ourself is the basic skill to be a good PR person.  She believes that creating good image is important.  For her success isn’t something you get, it is something you earn.  She’s currently trying and learning to do some small business to get her own income besides being a freelance MC.  In doing all these activites, she admits that she’s struggling to be the best whether it is in entertainment world, where bad influence is eveyrwhere or other fields which has its own obstacle. She understands that all she need is faith in God.  She won’t let the world steal her feelings, but to stay and walk on the right path to reach her goal. She has a simple dreams as a success business woman and a great mom.