Demas Ryan


Current Position : Announcer at 101.4 Trax FM
Company: Trax FM, MRA
Motto: Do the best and God will do the rest. All you need is love and love is all you need.

About me
Demas has interested in the broadcasting world because he wanted to be a NEWS ANCHOR. He knows that he has a huge potential in that kind of field. Originally Demas wanted to join LSPR TV so bad, but it was too late in registering and had too much fun on LSPR Radio at the same time. Demas been active in campus radio, then his senior who works in Dreamers Radio told himself about an opening audition for announcers. Unexpectedly, Demas got in it and worked there under contract for several months until he invited to join Trax Hunt 2012 by a fellow friend. He has been working at Trax FM for 1 year now, but as a radio broadcaster already started 2 years ago.

Demas said “What’s fun in my line of work as a radio broadcaster is when I can inspire many people. I like giving advices, motivating or giving inspirations to people!” Although he has a crazy working hour and early morning classes in the next day, where sometimes it forces him to sleep in the office’s couch, but he’s very thankful to all the feedback from his listeners. Woke up on Monday morning realizing that twitter has been full of mentions saying thank you for the inspiration he gave to them last night. It’s priceless and made Demas can’t wait for next week’s session.

“I was a big fish in a small pond before, although now I am just a little fish in a big pond i will learn how to be big in my current pond. One day when I’ve become a big fish, I will gladly challenge myself to move to a bigger and more challenging pool again for sure” said Demas.