Bekti Indra Tomo

About me

Indra Bekti is a self proclaimed model, actor, singer and best known for being a television host. His career started at a young age in junior high school where he dubbed a voice for an anime named Candy-candy. At the time, the anime was a popular show. Although he had just worked as a dubbing, he was happy because it was his first paycheck ever, and that means he did not have to ask more money from his parents.

Going into high school, Indra tried becoming a radio announcer and finally landed a role as a television host. On appearing in the TV show Tralala Trilili alongside Agnes Monica, offerings for becoming a radio announcer came. His big break was during his appearance as a host with Indy Barends in “CERIWIS”.

Pursuing his interest in hosting, Indra decided to study in London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. He graduated in 1996 and received a Diploma 1 in Public Speaking. He hopes that he will be able to get a scholarship to continue his studies in The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta for a bachelor’s degree.