Archicco Guilianno


Name: Archicco Guilianno
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 30 September 1986
Latest Education: Bachelor
School / University: LSPR Jakarta
Field of Expertise: Media, Hard News, Soft News / Feature, Breaking News, Field Producing, Line Producing, Video Edit, Camera Shoot, Photography (Mass Communication)
Current Position: Producer
Company: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Motto: Notice what no one else notice, then you know what no one else know. Carpe Diem, Seize the day!

About me
I’m living in awe!  I love my job, so when I do it, I don’t feel like working at all, this is like a paid hobby!”, so expressed by Archicco Guiliano, a journalist from Australia Broadcasting Corporation in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Chicco, as he’s called, was graduated from STIKOM LSPR Jakarta majoring Mass Communication last December 2009.  Ever since joined the TV club in his university, he decided to pursue his dream to become an international journalist.  It was started from his internship in CNN International,  Chicco gained a lot of heart-pounding experience in the field covering major news and issues happening in and around Indonesia to witness history being written right in front of his eyes.  “Being a journalist is not an easy call, it’s risky and full of challenge, I am required to always be aware of what happens surround me, keep being updated, keep my ears and eyes open, be thoughtful, and persistence.  Keeping a balance story and anticipate bias is tough but it has to be done to produce an excellent news story”, he added.  What is it the reward? Of course getting information ahead of other people, go to places only few have gone and dealing with  a wide range of people, ranging from President, influential businessman, military, convicted felon to the poorest in the neighborhood.