As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps through the globe, large scale economic crisis reaches unprecedented level. Money is short, jobs are lost, and life is never the same again. The millennium goals of eradicating poverty seem unlikely to meet the target. So, at this time of pandemic, is it relevant to talk CSR and sustainability? Or shouldn’t we just talk about survival? Can we as communication professionals help getting the world risen up again? What role can we take and empower to make it happen?
Join us on our WEBFORUM SERIES 2 “Revisiting CSR and Sustainability in the Region in the Era of New Normal” on:

Day/Date : Tuesday, 21 July 2020
Time : 6.30 PM (GMT +7 hours)
Platform : Zoom Meeting

Ermiel Thabrani, Msi
Lecturer at LSPR Communication and Business Institute

(1) Ani Natalia Pinem (Indonesia)
Deputy Director of Public Relations, Directorate General of Taxation
Can companies who are not doing well do good?

(2) Hamilton Dos Santos (Brazil)
Managing Director ABERJE, Brazil
How do companies refine their CSR and Sustainability strategy in the New Normal?

(3) Tato Carbonaro, PhD (Brazil)
Researcher at University of São Paulo and Former Board Member of Global Alliance
How do we manage Brand and Reputation to help reduce the impact to sustainability and livelihood in the region in the New Normal?

At the end of this forum, participants will hopefully be inspired and perhaps awaken from the illusion of wealth and the wonders of 21st century. Participants can appreciate that communication is key to build public literacy by creating an environment of understanding what risks and opportunities the post pandemic era will bring.

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